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France Puts the Biggest Trump on the Field in the Mediterranean

France made its move, which was stated to increase the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, and according to the Greek press, its biggest trump in the seas; Charles De Gaulle set off the aircraft carrier for the region.

FS Charles De Gaulle is the only aircraft carrier France currently owns.

Charles De Gaulle (Image: Ministère des Armées)
It was laid down in 1989 to replace the veteran Clemenceau class aircraft carriers.

FS Charles De Gaulle, a nuclear-propelled platform with broadside number R91, was able to enter service in 2001 due to financial constraints.

The ship’s reactors had the same features as those used by the French Navy in the last generation of nuclear submarines, but it turned out that these reactors could not provide enough power.

FS Charles de Gaulle’s nuclear fuel lasts seven years.

Charles De Gaulle (Image: Ministère des Armées)
The aircraft carrier has 21 watertight compartments.

The ship, which has two 75-meter-long C-13 catapults, is not suitable for taking off and landing at the same time.

Two elevators with a capacity of 36 tons provide the connection between the hangar and the runway, which can accommodate 23 aircraft and two helicopters.

                                                                                      Charles De Gaulle (Image: Ministère des Armées)

FS Charles de Gaulle, which can carry 4000 cubic meters of aviation fuel, allows 100 sorties to be made every day for a week without the need for replenishment.

Airplanes can take off and take off even under six sea conditions.

There is also a hospital with 50 beds and two operating rooms on the ship, which has a food stock of 45 days.

The ship, whose secondary task is to support amphibious attacks, is capable of carrying a marine infantry division with all its equipment.

The service life of FS Charles de Gaulle was determined as 40 years.

Having difficulty in meeting the cost of the nuclear propulsion system and unable to overcome its technical problems, France announced that it would turn to a conventional ship with England for the future aircraft carrier.

The aircraft in FS Charles de Gaulle, which was involved in the 2001 Afghanistan War, performed 140 sorties for reconnaissance and bombing missions.

In the 2011 Libya Operation, 1350 sorties were made over this ship.

Planes taking off from FS Charles de Gaulle carried out bomber missions over Iraq and Syria in late 2014.

Charles De Gaulle (Image: Ministère des Armées)
In countries including Turkey are trying to perform an about crisis management in the Mediterranean is currently East.

Each country in this crisis management aims to solve the problem in line with its interests.

Direct hot conflict is not a preferred method in today’s world.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is ready to pay the price extremely clear and clearly stated.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Turkey President
Since Greece knows that it does not have the power to enter a potential hot conflict alone, it is trying to attract EU countries, especially France.

Although it has an extremely bad economy, it is serving the news that it will buy new weapon systems.

France, on the other hand, by sending an aircraft carrier to the region, “put forward its stick.”

However, Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. As Ismail Demir said; “The strongest at the table is the one who hides his bat behind him.”

Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir – President of Defense Industry

SOURCES: Information about the French Aircraft Carrier CHARLES DE GAULLE is taken from MILITARY BIG DATA. The images of the ship are sourced from the French Armed Forces Ministry (Ministère des Armées). Other images belong to

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