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flying security camera: Ring

Electronic commerce giant Amazon has added a number of new devices to its products. Among them, the flying security camera Ring is one of the most interesting. Ring, which is basically a drone-like device, can fly around your house by taking off from its stand.

This is the flying security camera: Ring
By communicating with the sensor installed in certain parts of the house, the Ring, which takes off in extraordinary situations and goes to that area, can also send real-time video to its user. In this way, you can follow what is happening visually even if you are not at home.

The full name of this security camera, developed by the Ring company, which Amazon recently bought, was announced as Ring The Always Home Cam. This camera, which has autonomous flight capabilities, can land back to the charging unit where it takes off. The sale price of the Ring, which flew without damaging the goods, was announced as $ 250 because it mapped the house.

You can see the features of Ring in the video below:

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