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Fish that can walk on land discovered

cave angelfish

Cave angelfish

Cave angelfish Scientists have discovered fish species that can walk on land in the new research. They concluded that at least 11 fish species belonging to the fish family called Balitoridae have the ability to walk on land. According to the statements on the subject, these species, which can walk on land, have a different structure compared to other fish.

Some scientists have discovered that fish have unusual associations. At least 11 species in a fish family in Asia were found to be able to walk on land. According to experts, these fish species walk on land using four limbs.


Scientists previously knew that cave angelfish, which are in the Balitoridae family and known for their blindness, walk on land. In the researches carried out, it was understood that not only the blind cave angel fish but also different fish of those walking on land have this capacity.cave angelfish

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fish that can walk on land

fish that can walk on land
cave angelfish

The fish family in question was investigated by X-ray microtomography, which can be investigated on land. During the investigations, many new promises and data were reached.

During the studies, some experts also extracted family trees of these species. The findings proved the ability of these fish to walk on land.

Brooke Flammang explained that they were asking about the discovery of the bones of the fish they studied. Stating that there is no bone connection between many fish species and the abdominal fin, Flammang stated that these bulgurs are special fish species in the Balitoridae family.

Flammang states that fish species with strong hip bones think better about walking on land. Scientists are working on the subject.




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