Fall Guys second season has been announced!

Fall Guys season two

Fall Guys second season has been announced!

Fall Guys, who entered the game world, already seem to have attracted all the attention. As the reign of the first version had just begun, the game’s producers made a radical decision. This decision announced that the game will be promoting its game at Fall Guys Season 2 Gamescom.


Fall Guys season two will be featured on Gamescom!

The Fall Guys game was developed by Mediatonic and distributed by Devolver Digital. It was introduced at The E3 in June 2019. The popular game, which broke the records to be played at the beginning of the market, was also offered to PlayStation Plus members free of charge, and its dominance spread to the Playstation ecosystem.

Despite the very recent success of the Fall Guys debut, the game is so popular that its developer Mediatonic has begun preparing for new seasons to react to it. As with other games of this genre, Mediatonic, which has new seasons regularly to keep players in hand, will present it on the opening night of the 2nd season.

On Thursday, August 27 at 21:00, Gamescom will be broadcast live on the opening night. The program to be presented will continue for about 2 hours and game producers will introduce their new games. The in-game clock indicates that the first season of Fall Guys will end on October 6, in fact, there is a long time to begin the second season.

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