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Digital protective armor

Digital protective armor


Digital protective armor

Together with its business partners Autotalks, Cohda Wireless, and Ducati, Bosch has developed digital protective armor for motor drives. With this technology they have developed, it will help to minimize engine accidents and prevent traffic congestion and jams thanks to this technology.

Because there is not much respect for motorcyclists on the roads in the world and our country, motorcyclists have difficulties in using motorcycles by carrying the risk of accidents in traffic. The disadvantage of motorcycles compared to automobiles is that they do not have as many safety measures as in cars, so in an accident that occurs due to any reason, the motor driver carries a higher risk of death and injury than the driver of the automobile.

The situations that cause these accidents on the highways are the drivers not noticing each other at the intersections, the vehicles with blind spots such as buses, trucks, and trucks noticing the motor herds entering the blind spot area, and overtaking in the bends without considering whether the oncoming driver is coming or not.

Thanks to this digital armor developed, it helps two vehicles to exchange information between each other without seeing each other. Digital armor technology The publicly available WLAN (local area network) standard (ITS G5) is used for this data exchange between motorcycles and automobiles.

When the distance between the oncoming vehicle and the oncoming vehicle approaches 100 meters while the vehicles are underway, the two vehicles are between each other in as little as a tenth of a second. by informing the drivers about. The drivers, who are warned, will notice each other while driving and prevent accidents that may occur in a more controlled manner.

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