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The damage done by the coronavirus to the lungs

damage of the coronavirus

The damage was done by the coronavirus to the lungs

American scientists created a lung map of a patient who contracted COVID-19. Scientists, who videotape their data with virtual reality-supported cameras, reveal the damage left by the coronavirus in the lungs.

The balance sheet of the coronavirus epidemic, which emerged in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and became a pandemic in a short time, is increasing day by day. The virus, which has spread around the world, has raised government officials on the one hand and scientists on the other. While government officials are working to stop the epidemic, scientists are working on learning about the treatment of COVID-19 disease and the damage it leaves in the lungs.

The coronavirus outbreak is one of the issues that the whole world cares about. But still, some people ignore the warnings of scientists and government officials, “nothing will happen to me.” they act with thought. A new video that has emerged now needs to be watched by people who do not take the coronavirus seriously. Because this video clearly reveals how the coronavirus causes damage to the lungs.

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