Cyber Threat in Industry !

With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increase in internet usage, it will be seen that industrial activities are increasingly efficient. However, some security problems may arise due to technical developments and there is also a structure that can stop this operation to a significant extent.

In addition to the use in electricity, water, wastewater, petroleum, natural gas, transportation, chemistry, pharmaceutical production, paper, food, beverage, automotive, and aviation sectors, where production is generally carried out today, at the same time, control panels for smart home options are also used from time to time. We are faced with situations that may contain threats.

With the development of Industry 4.0, many industrial facilities establish smart facilities and factories that require less manpower in production. Production is carried out with robots and smart sensors in facilities where manpower is minimized. In the Internet of Things (IoT) network structure, robots, machines, and sensors communicate with wireless communication devices, GPRS, and 3G modems and perform data transfers. Many data are recorded in cloud-based systems or servers. In the direction of any data leaking out or leaking from outside to inside by malicious people, it creates serious risks in that facility.

The cyber ​​danger in the industry can generally be carried out by malicious cyber attackers. It also exists in a position that can prevent any institution from serving a purpose at the point of interrupting the work based on industrial activities. An important problem can be seen at the point where weak internet protocols come into play and it can be easily understood that there is an open threat.

Serious security measures should also be checked periodically, in the phase of preventing security problems. Technical studies should be carried out continuously within industrial activities and different security codes should be able to be used. Thus, the defense walls of the networks with industrial functions should be seen as sufficient and the necessary security infrastructures should also be found.

If a series of measures are taken against cyber threats in the industry, it may be possible that the existing control programs are activated in the most effective way and without malicious intentions. A study is presented based on the openness of the systems; It is also necessary to implement security measures continuously. At the same time, it is necessary to take the probabilities as to which direction the attacks will take. Besides, intelligence will also need to be taken into account by applying the best cyberattack tactics. Advanced security systems of cyber intelligence can also be revealed in their most up-to-date versions. At the same time, it may be possible to raise awareness of people against cyber threats. It may also be possible to give ideas about the consequences of what kind of damages the cyber attack may cause.

After the explanations made, it can be observed that cyber attacks have increased gradually over time. It can be seen that cyberattacks arise due to the system vulnerabilities arising from Industry 4.0, which is the last of companies that produce in any field. In general, it can be seen that activities such as information stealing and sabotage are carried out in the orientation towards engineering-based companies.

It can also be observed that malicious people negatively affect the operation of companies. Overcoming seriously difficult cyberattacks by getting more and more complex will also take place in a long time. Thus, the rate of damaging in a longer period can be expressed as a situation that can be observed to be of an extremely important dimension.

It can be said that working with people who are qualified as experts in industrial security during the security audit can prevent this situation. In these cases, within the scope of the most important effect of working with professional people, it may be possible that a rapid process is on the agenda at the stage of finding and ending security vulnerabilities as soon as possible. It can be observed that it is very important to foresee studies based on eliminating system-based errors. At the same time, supporting the infrastructure exists at a level that can be seen as an important intervention in terms of security.

It is also possible to review all scenarios by evaluating advanced protection methods. It may also occur that all operations based on industrial control units are carried out and monitored continuously. The activation of a customized network and security system in industrial activities from moment to moment is also expressed as an important factor that can provide general security. In this way, it can be observed that it will be possible to get rid of any danger originating from the system.



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