Cheating punishment cs:go players

Cheating punishment cs:go players

There has been an event that will make a sound in the game world recently. ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) removed 35 professional CS: GO players from the competition. As the reason for this suspension, he showed that they were betting on the matches. Between the two to five years of the aforementioned sentence, bans for writing different articles were imposed.

Cheating punishment cs:go players

About 4-5 years ago, ESIC, which was established to prevent manipulation and prevent any kind of fraud, initiated a critical investigation. 35 CS: GO players were suspended for one to five years in the review of the events of the ESEA league held in Australia in October. In addition, it was stated that both players’ penalty periods were extended.

The commission on penalties said, “Over the past few years, ESIC has been investigating betting behavior violations and suspected match manipulation globally. Although this issue is not specific to ESEA activities, the scope of the investigation is CS: GO events organized in Australia ”.

To be precise about the penalties imposed, the commission prepared the sanctions matrix. According to this, betting on matches is punished with 12 months, betting on own team matches 24 months, betting against own team 48 months, and betting against own team more than 10 games with 60 months.

Cheating punishment cs:go players

Some of those punished are as follows:

Jeremy “motion” Lloyd – 12 months

Patrick “hawk” Romano De Sousa – 12 months

Jonathan “Del” Sackesen – 12 months

Grayson “vax” Uppington – 12 months

Aiden “meta” Wiringi Jones – 12 months

Kaito “minus coffee” Massey – 12 months

John “jcg” Grima – 12 months

Isaac “ingenious” Dahlan – 12 months

Billy “beetee” Thomson – 12 months

Kieren “Muzoona” Jackson-Clapper – 12 months

Novel “matr1kz” Santos – 24 months

Cailain “caily” Lovegrove – 24 months

Akram “adk” Smida – 24 months

Andy “Noobster” Zhang – 36 months

Jayden “foggers” Graham – 48 months

Sam “tham” Mitchell – 48 months

Daryl “mayker” May – 48 months

Alvin “Gravins” Changgra – 60 months

Wilson “willyks” Sugianto – 60 months.

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