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Bose Sport Earbuds and Sport Earbuds !!!

Bose introduced two new headset models at an event. These two different wireless headphones, called Bose Sport Earbuds and Sport Earbuds, seem to surprise us with their prices apart from their design and innovation. The sale date is planned for 29 September.

Bose introduced two new headset models at an event. In these two different wireless headphone models called Bose Sport Earbuds and Sport Earbuds, the two companies “QuietComfort” and “Sport Earbuds” seem to attract attention with these wireless headphones. Although the features of QuietComfortun seem to be similar in terms of efficiency and other features, another feature of QuietComfortun is its 11-level noise-canceling feature, it seems that it will come to the fore with this feature.

In the statements made by bosen, the person can adjust the 11-level noise-canceling feature of QuietComfort at the desired level.

bose is not only a wireless model but also offers its users experiences that offer the highest levels of sound quality in different aspects. The performance felt by the user in treble and bass sensations is quite impressive. QuietComfort wireless headset model offers its users up to 6 hours of music enjoyment when used with the charging box, charging up to 12 hours With the statement of Bose officials, it was said that the color in production will be black and white.
Besides, he explained that users who want to have a QuietComfort wireless headset model will have to pay $ 279.

Bose Sport Earbuds

As the name suggests, Bose Sport Earbuds is a product designed for athletes in the description of the bosen. Bose officials announced that it can be used comfortably even in the heaviest training. It offers its users up to 5 hours of charging time and music experience. offers the possibility

The Bose Sport Earbuds, unlike the QuietComfort, offers only wired charging, and both models are said to have Bluetooth 5.1 technology.
Both products have IPX4 certification. Users who want to have the Sport Earbuds model will be able to purchase the product by paying $ 179. Both products will be available from 29 September. 

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