9 Browser-Based Legends

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9 Browser-Based Legends

In today’s conditions, although not as many as PC-based games, browser-based games are also very popular because they do not require any download. Of course, as in every game type, there are games among these games that manage to stand out by leaving the others behind. Let’s take a look at these games;

1- Legend Online

The majority of the game audience is Facebook users, Legend Online, the distributor company is Oasis Games, and the producer of the game is the unknown 7Road company. Released in 17 countries, the game has more than 15 million users.

2- Bombom

Bombom, the producer and distributor of 337 Games, is one of the games that has never been left behind. Although it is not as popular today as it used to be, we can say that it is a game that time cannot be worn out. By the way, let’s not forget that the game made its debut in 2009 under the name “DDTank”.

3- First Blood

This game, whose distributor is Oasis Game, like Legend Online, is a browser game that contains plenty of competition without depriving you of visuality. First Blood, a mmofps game, contains many maps and modes. During the match, as we are used to from other fps games, we can carry “Pistol, Bomb, Knife and Heavy Gun” on us.

4- Town of Salem

The town of Salem is a browser-based MMO game that debuted in 2014. Your goal in the game is to make people believe you are not lying. Although the game is played for free on its own site, you can buy the game for 10 TL on Steam and start with 1300 game money. There is an unknown case about this game; The event we portray in the game is actually the “1878 Salem Wizard Hunt” incident.

5- League of Angels II

League Of Angels II, developed by R2 Games, is one of the rare games that does not compromise on graphics and mechanical quality, although it is browser-based. It is possible to play the game either on your browser or on Facebook. In the beginning, you can play with new characters as you level up in the game, which offers you 2 character options (warrior and mage). We can say that it is a complete MMO game with its skills, in-game missions, and many more features.

6- Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit, a space-themed browser game, still seems to have not lost the massive audience it achieved at the start. The game has many ranks, but you can also enter new maps by leveling up.

7- Online Soccer Manager

FPS game

With Online Soccer Manager, which offers the opportunity to be played from anywhere thanks to its browser-based and mobile version, you manage the team you choose for a season like a real manager. At the end of the season, the statistics are reset and you continue with another team, besides, the balance of power in the teams in the game is very realistic.

8- Dino Storm

Dinosaur, Laser Gun, and Cowboys, these three elements may seem very irrelevant to you like history, but this game gives us a taste of a game as if we were in a different universe with its unique combination of these three elements. You start the game with a few dollars, some ammo, a laser gun, and a small but reliable dinosaur.

9- Sherwood Dungeon

This game, which you can play as a guest only with your nick, is an MMORPG game that really imprisons the user. When you see the game, you can really find the air in those old games.

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