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ATTENTION to second-hand robot buyers

What Should I Consider When Buying a Second-Hand Robot?

What Should I Consider When Buying a Second-Hand Robot?

Things to consider when buying a robot.
Used industrial robots can be purchased from various vendors at sometimes high prices.
But is it worth it? In this article, which we evaluate for you, what are the points to keep in mind while buying second-hand robots for your business?

Points to Consider When Buying a Used Industrial Robot

Many operators and engineers can be deceived at a very low price. The reasons to be very careful about the type of robot you purchased and where you bought it are listed below.

-As long as robots don’t sense their surroundings, they may tend to work differently. Therefore, robots have been given sensors such as light sensors, touch and pressure sensors, chemical, sonar and taste sensors. For this reason, make sure that all sensors on the robot are working.
-Buying from an inexperienced seller.
-Always buy robots only from trusted sources
-Can the robot perform the tasks I want (load, speed…)?
-Does the manufacturer or other trader still produce/supply spare parts?
-How many months at least the seller gives a warranty
-Has the robot been maintained regularly?
-Does the robot have a manual, project, and software?
-Don’t buy very old robots – you end up paying more for spare parts than the robot itself
-How many hours did the robot work?
-Does the robot come with calibration and adjustment tools?
-When was the last “major maintenance” of the robot?
-When was the last oil changed?
-Has the robot been overloaded in the past?
-In what environment was the robot used?
-Can the robot be moved in all directions with all axes?
-Is the controller interior dirty?
-Any hardware errors can be found in the logbook?
-Has the robot been tested at least 3 hours at full speed?
-Are the plug connections and cables between the joystick and the robot arm good?
-Can I hire a programmer for this kind of robot if I need it?
-Does the robot have CE certification?

Overall, it is important to know that a used robot can result in very high costs later on. Or you can buy one and then realize that you cannot use it for your intended task or buy a spare part.

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