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Ariane 5 Rocket orbits two Satellites

Ariane 5

It sent an Ariane 5 rocket, a robotic vehicle, and two commercial satellites to orbit this week from French Guiana. The takeoff was added to the reports as Arianespace’s first space mission after the coronavirus outbreak.

Ariane is one of the important names in the civil space aviation sector, which has gained importance with the rapid development of the world. Less well-known than its gear rivals such as SpaceX and Boeing, the company successfully carried out its first launch after the pandemic.

With the space mission carried out after hard work and an exciting period, Ariane took action to bring 2 satellites and 1 space boat, 100 percent American made, to orbit. This task prepared, ended positively.

Ariane 5 rocket
Ariane 5 rocket

Ariane 5 rockets reach orbit

The Ariane 5 rocket took off with twin rocket thrusters in the hydrogen-fed core stage. It successfully delivered the three commercial satellites it carried, which was planned to take to orbit, one hour after its departure. This departure took the title of 300th to take off from French Guiana.

This departure, which was planned to take place on July 31, was delayed only 2 minutes before the departure due to sensor problems experienced at the last minute. The rocket was taken to rebuilding facilities and the defective sensor was replaced. After the problem was resolved, the rocket was brought back to the vehicle take-off runway.

On the launch day, there was a delay of half an hour after the departure time of the vehicle due to strong winds and weather conditions. The loads sent to orbit were also left about 35,000 kilometers above the equator.

The launch process was carried out from the Guyana Space Center. It shows that we will witness even more launches with the private sector being active in space work again.

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