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Apple iPhone with foldable screen!

Apple iPhone with foldable screen

The smartphone world continues to evolve. Over the years, we have witnessed and are still happening with the development of phones to continue on a much larger area than the logic of saying hello. With its differentiating features and design structure, we can clearly say that smartphones go to a completely different point.

The most important and investing in this is South Korea-based technology giant Samsung. Foldable screen models of the known company can be found and these models are also on sale in our country. However, Samsung is not the only company that hires. If we state that Apple is also secretly conducting an article on this subject, we would not be wrong.

Apple foldable screen iPhone!

US-based technology giant Apple also continues to advance technology for the iPhone model with portable graphics. The company, which received a patent on this subject in the past months, has come up with a new patent. Accordingly, a patent application was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and a self-repairing screen patent was obtained. Thanks to this patent submitted for the first iPhone model with a foldable screen feature, the folding mark on the phone will be eliminated.

As it is known, one of the most important problems in foldable hardcover smartphone models is the folding mark. Focusing on this problem, Apple has obtained a patent that will remove the trail for trouble-free operation of the first foldable iPhone. In addition, with this technology, dust and similar things that may remain in the folded part will be made to be caused by. It is stated that this technology will work as a phone and the phone will repair itself.

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