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Apple case with Epic Games

Apple case with Epic Games

The Epic Games and Apple case requested that Epic Games Fortnite be re-included in the App Store. Details here

As it is known, Epic Games wanted to implement a new payment system for the popular game Fortnite, and for this reason, Apple and Google decided the game in question. But why did Google react so strongly to Epic Games‘ new payment method? The answer to the question is simple. As it is known, both companies earn a 30% commission on each purchase, and this step of Epic Games caused the commission to be removed. Fortnite has been removed from stores.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple has been concluded!

Android can download the Fortnite game thanks to its apk, but as it is known, such a thing is not possible for Apple users. Thus, Epic Games, targeting the US-based technology giant, led to Apple, but could not achieve the desired result. Epic Games demanded that Fortnite be added to the App Store again in the lawsuit is filed. Moreover, Apple was accused of being anti-competitive.


However, according to reports, Epic Games was found unfair in all these accusations and became the winner of the case. The US-based company expressed its gratitude after the court’s decision. Thus, the addition of Fornite to the App Store was at the mercy of Apple. However, we can say that another decision of the court was in favor of Epic. As it is known, Apple has stated that Epic will not support the game engine called Unreal Engine. But this became impossible with the decision was taken by the court.

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