Amazon introduced its electric vehicle

Amazon introduced its electric vehicle


Amazon introduced its electric vehicle, An electric vehicle model also came from the online shopping platform Amazon. The electric vehicle model introduced by Amazon will be used by the vaccine cargo department.

Amazon announced the new design vehicle that it will use in its own cargo transportation, vehicle design, and all the details are in this article.

Here is the design!


USA-based e-commerce platform Amazon has unveiled its electric vehicle planned in its own cargo department. Its model, an electric pickup truck, was developed by electric car manufacturer Rivian for Amazon.

Amazon introduced its electric vehicle
amazon car

The electric minibus models planned by the company for cargo service were specially ordered by the company from the electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian in February. Amazon confirmed this information with its statement.

If the allegations are true, Amazon predicts that 10 thousand will be offered on the roads by 2022 and 100 thousand electric works by 2030.

Looking at Amazon, the company delivered 1 out of every 5 orders in 2019. The rate of the packages offered by the company was recorded as 50 in 2020.

The company aims to increase its vehicle fleet with this electric vehicle model it has introduced and increased money from its own pocket.

However, the company emphasized that its main target is to be carbon neutral in 2040.

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