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Air MicroClimate Looks Like Right Out of Science Fiction Movies

HEPA Filtered Title That Looks Like Taken Out From Science Fiction Movies: Air
MicroClimate has sold the HEPA filter head Air, which looks like it is straight out of science fiction movies, at $ 199. When the HEPA filters in the front and behind the fans are exhausted, the hood, which both sells and filters the air out, promises 4 battery life.
The use of personal protective equipment such as masks all around, used with the new type of coronavirus epidemic, has become common. People who think that simple masks are inadequate, protect them by working with equipment such as visors.

In this context, Toronto-based Vyzr Technologie designed a protective headgear that completely covers the top of the chest for those who think that equipment such as masks and visors are still inadequate. Now, MicroClimate has released a slightly smaller and visible header called ‘Air’.

Air filters both incoming air and “ air:
There is an acrylic visor on the front face of the Air, which has HEPA filters on the front and back of the fans, and filters outside, to ensure an unobstructed view of the front. These fans and HEPA filters in the air filter verbally, the head has four bulb battery life. A 2-meter long USB-C cable is sent next to the head for charging.

Stating that the Airhead can be used comfortably on all journeys from Uber to the airline, MicroClimate states that it also works seamlessly with dishwashing AirPods. Speaking to Forbes this time, founder Micheal Hall wrote that the tests conducted with the passenger so far have been successful.

Air, which has a more minimal and comfortable design that BioVzyr likes, also draws attention with its easy use and not complicating daily work. Another point that makes the product more attractive than BioVzyr is its price. Air has a price tag of $ 199, which can be considered much more affordable than BioVzyr’s $ 498 price.
Air, which looks like it came out of science fiction movies, also attracted his attention to watching social media.

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