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ABB Expands Small Robot Family with IRB 1300

ABB is expanding its small robot family with the IRB 1300 to increase production line flexibility and efficiency by lifting loads in smaller spaces. Featuring a class-leading lift, the IRB 1300 significantly improves cycle times through reach and travel accuracy.

ABB developed the IRB 1300 robot to meet the need for a more compact robot that can handle heavy materials or loads with complex and irregular shapes faster. ABB is expanding its family of industrial robots by offering the IRB 1300 with six axes. Having a smaller size than other robots, the IRB 1300 increases productivity in the production line with its flexibility to work in tight spaces.

Modeling the success of ABB’s IRB 1600 robot for payloads of up to 10kg, the IRB 1300 offers a 27 percent improvement in cycle times and is about 60 percent lighter and 83 percent smaller than the IRB 1600. With a footprint of only 220 × 220 mm, the IRB 1300 has been designed and designed for use in small spaces, allowing more robots to be deployed in tight spaces.

With the IRB 1300, the company targets material handling, machine unloading, assembly, and testing applications, electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaged consumer products processing, packaging, and logistics applications in factories and small areas.

ABB IRB 1300 Specifications

-IRB 1300 is available in three main versions – 11 kg / 0.9 m, 10 kg / 1.15 m and 7 kg / 1.4 m. Its version with 11 kg lift capacity and 0.9 m reach is higher than any other competitive robot in its class.

The IRB 1300 OmniCore controller can be equipped with a range of additional equipment including Fieldbus protocols, image processing solutions, and force control.

The IRB 1300 offers 20 I / O ports, 50 percent more than the IRB 1600 for users to increase productivity by processing more workpieces simultaneously.

The IRB 1300, which is in the IP40 ingress protection class, also has the option of IP67 protection class against solid particles and water ingress.

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