ABB, Australia’s first Electric Public Transport Bus Route

ABB, the Swiss-Swedish engineering firm, was selected by the Western Australian Public Transport Authority to supply and install electric vehicle charging stations for the state’s first electric public bus route.

The electric bus stores electricity thanks to the battery it contains and enables it to move by converting this stored electricity into energy. It replaces buses that run on gasoline, diesel oil, and liquefied natural gas.

ABB’s EV chargers will provide overnight charging for new Volvo electric buses to operate this CAT route, providing zero-emission transport throughout the day. These compact, high-power fast chargers are capable of charging two buses at the same time, resulting in less downtime and better handling of vehicles along the planned route.

Electric public vehicles play an important role in efforts to reduce air pollution from transportation in many cities in Europe.

ABB will supply and install an electric vehicle charging station at the Joondalup Bus Depot operated by Transperth, PTA’s metro area operating arm, for the free five-kilometer Joondalup CAT (central area crossing) route, serving as Western Australia’s first electric bus trial…

Electric Charging Station Features
Terra184 180kW high power EV chargers
It will provide overnight charging to the bus depot for electric buses and can charge two buses at the same time.

Cloud port on chargers
It offers my network operators the option to remotely monitor and diagnose charging infrastructure 24/7, maximize uptime, increase efficiency, and provide a reliable infrastructure for the public.

CCS (Combined Charging System) and OCPP compatibility (Open Charge Point Protocol)
By combining the charging cabinet and charging pole, the infrastructure required to charge multiple buses reduces footprint and makes it a valuable addition to compact installations such as bus depots.

The transport sector, including passenger, public transport, and freight vehicles, currently accounts for 18.9% of Australian emissions. It is the second-highest emission sector in the country after electricity generation.



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