Coding Programming DEVELOPMENT !!

Coding Programming WHAT IS

Coding, in other words, programming is the fulfillment of the operations that need to be done in a certain order, in accordance with the conditions. We can define it as the whole or the realization of the instruction sequence to a certain extent in order to make the computer operate the electronic mechanisms with certain conditions.



Coding, that is, programming is actually a multi-functional development aspect that develops the person in the skill and ability part, provides a connection between events, provides system knowledge, accelerates creative thinking, it is possible to make improvements in many technology areas with coding, almost everything we use in daily life is provided by coding. It is guaranteed that even the individual’s perspective of life will change as it will improve both the analysis and brain functions of the individual, especially in the developmental age of children, that is, children learning to code will keep them one click ahead in their future lives. It makes it possible to make it easy and livable, by revealing new ideas later in their lives. Of course, it is a coincidence that they have achieved this success because they exhibited all the examples of thought and development I said by learning to program, for example, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and they established in order to spread the programming that these people started in the USA. They took part in the project with we must teach.

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