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$ 23 million toilet for NASA astronauts!

$ 23 million toilets for NASA astronauts!
NASA is now on the agenda with a $ 23 million toilet that will be designed for the use of astronauts for future Moon and Mars missions.

$ 23 million toilets for NASA astronauts!
NASA has rolled up its sleeves for a $ 23 million toilet for its astronauts. This toilet, which will be worth $ 23 million, will be designed for the use of astronauts for future Lunar and Mars missions.

After this designed toilet is tested by astronauts, it will be able to be used in Lunar missions in 2024, if satisfied.

In the statement made by NASA; It was stated that these toilets, which will be developed, are designed to better adapt to female anatomy.

The working method of the current toilet system is as follows; Astronauts use a funnel equipped with a urine-sucking fan to urinate. The main purpose of this funnel is to pull urine out of the body, thus preventing the urine from leaking out in the air.

After this process, the urine goes through a special process for the astronauts to use as drinking water again. However, it is stated that this process takes about 8 days.

The feces of the astronauts are made into a plate-sized hole on a silver box. Then, the feces stored in a plastic bag is kept until the space garbage day, which is held periodically. On the space garbage day, the feces left in the Earth’s atmosphere burns and disappears as soon as the Earth’s atmosphere is entered. However, this mechanism is not enough to please the astronauts. Therefore, the space toilet, known as the Universal Waste Management System (UWMS), was designed in response to astronauts’ feedback about comfort and ease of use.

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